Making My Home Much More Secure

Renting Out a Room in Your Home? A Locksmith Can Help You Protect Your Property

The concept of lodging has changed entirely over the last decade. Property owners can now rent out rooms and turn their homes into a hotel, of sorts. While this option does provide a great opportunity for passive income, there is some work involved. More specifically, all owners must work to keep their property protected, and fortunately, a locksmith can assist with this process. 

1. Install Smart Locks

Upgrade the existing locks in the property to smart locks. Smart locks are an excellent alternative for anyone who rents out space in their home because they give you greater control over who can enter. Smart locks can support access codes for entry so that you do not have to worry about giving out a key to each guest. These systems also allow an owner to disable codes as soon as a guest checks out. 

2. Rekey Often

If you decide not to upgrade to a smart lock system, at the very least, you should rekey your locks regularly. First, locks sustain wear and tear with regular use. If you accommodate a large number of guests, the locks can wear faster. Second, even if you tell guests not to duplicate a key, not everyone will listen. In the event someone does duplicate a key, you do not have to worry about them having indefinite access to the property. 

3. Install Multiple Locks

It is also a good idea to install multiple locks within your property. A single lock at the entry is not typically enough if you are renting out rooms. It is wise to install locks on any doors for which you do not want the guests to have access, such as storage closets or a door in the basement that leads to the main living area. Multiple locks allow you to control where each guest can go.

4. Partner with a Dedicated Locksmith

Partner with a single locksmith to manage all your services, especially if you are renting out a property that you do not currently live at. Whether you live across town or in another city, in the event a guest has an issue with a lock, it is helpful to let someone that you can quickly call to handle the matter instead of trying to find someone to work with at the last minute. 

If you rent out rooms in your home, make sure you contact a locksmith as soon as possible to ensure your property is protected. 

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Making My Home Much More Secure

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