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Dealing With A Damaged Lock Or Door On Your Commercial Building

When a commercial lock is damaged, repairing it requires the skills of a commercial locksmith with the experience and proper tools for the job. Commercial locks are different in many ways than those used in your home, but most locksmiths can work with both styles. 

Commercial Locks

The locks used on your commercial property are more robust than those used on residential homes because they need to stand up to heavy use. There are different styles used based on the type of door the lock is installed in. 

Commercial locks often use a core that can be removed and replaced by a commercial locksmith if it is damaged, allowing the original lockset to stay in the door but with a new lock core. Using a new core and rekeying it allows the original key to remain in use and eliminates the need to issue new keys to anyone needing to access the door. 

Lock Repair

If you have a lock that is sticking or not working correctly, having a commercial locksmith inspect it is the best way to head off a problem before the lock stops working altogether. The locksmith will take the lock apart and inspect it to determine what is causing the lock to malfunction, then make the necessary repairs.

A heavily worn lock may need replacing, but one that is dirty or has something in the mechanism that shouldn't be there can often be cleaned and then put back in service. Foreign material in the lock is not common, but it can get there from a key with something on it or a tiny insect crawling into the lock to make a home there. In most cases, cleaning it out is not difficult once the locksmith gets everything taken apart.

Replacing The Lock

If your lock is worn or damaged badly enough, the commercial locksmith you are working with may recommend replacing the entire lock and mechanism. Replacing the lock often only takes a few minutes, and once you replace it, you should get many years' use from the new lock. 

If you have multiple keyholders that may open or close that door, the locksmith can make new keys for you after the lock is in place. Alternatively, you may also want to consider changing the lock to a combination or keypad style lock on that door, so you can change the code when necessary and not have to deal with keys for multiple people.  

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