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Is Your Office Door Lock Malfunctioning? 4 Problems That Need Commercial Locksmith Services

Door lock issues can arise when you least expect them. Unfortunately, you do not have the luxury of time to postpone repairs when they do. Otherwise, you make it easy for thieves to break into your commercial space and walk away with your office equipment or manufactured products.

Your locks can develop problems due to wear and tear, so you should call a locksmith to inspect and fix lock or door problems. Below are common lock problems that need commercial locksmith services.

1. The Doorknob or Handle Is Loose

Your lock comprises several components meant to work together to keep intruders from accessing your office. Unfortunately, if one of these parts, such as the doorknob, ever develops any problem, your lock will not work as it should. So, if your doorknob is loose, your entire lock will pose security risks and cause inconveniences when opening or closing your office door. Fortunately, you can restore the knob by calling an expert locksmith for timely repairs.

2. The Door Lock Is Misaligned

A misaligned lock is a typical office door lock problem affecting many business owners. When the internal parts (locking bolts) are misaligned, they might prevent proper locking with the strike plate. The main reason behind a misaligned lock is installation problems, and that is why you should always hire professionals.

Misalignment could lead to additional issues, such as a warped door. Since this is an intricate door lock issue, you should not fix the problem. Instead, contact a commercial locksmith for reliable door lock repair services.

3. Faulty Lock Due to Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is one of the common causes of a lock problem because it can cause misalignment of the internal parts. Weather stripping can also cause your door lock to decay. When this happens, you need fresh weather stripping. However, you still need a commercial locksmith to look at your lock and fix or replace the necessary parts.

4. Your Lock Does Not Click

When you lock your office door, the lock latch should click if it is in the correct position. If it does not, this means the bolt is misaligned, which can happen due to constant weather changes or wear and tear. For example, weather fluctuations can cause the door to shrink, causing the latch to be further away from the strike plate. A commercial locksmith can fix these problems by tightening the hinge screws first before adjusting the strike plate. Alternatively, they may replace the strike plate or the entire lock.

While a door lock issue can be stressful, you can solve the problem quickly by working with a commercial locksmith. A locksmith is the only qualified professional to handle all lock problems. Therefore, always contact a reliable commercial locksmith instead of taking matters into your hands.

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