Making My Home Much More Secure

Why Your Home Needs Access Control

The home is a sanctuary. That is the reason why most people invest huge amounts of time, finances and thought into making it conform to their vision. As such, it is imperative for a homeowner to make sure that there is access control when it comes to their investment. Here are five reasons why you need access control systems for your home. Manages the flow of people into your property Read More 

Tips To Keep Your College Student Safe When They Live Off-Campus

One of the greatest achievements of families is watching their loved ones head off to college. But many parents worry about the safety of their youngest family members because they can no longer protect or look out for them. Your concerns may be worse if your loved one lives in an off-campus house. If you face this dilemma and worry about your college student, take steps to keep them safe and comforted with the right tips and ideas: Read More 

Troubleshooting Your Safe’s Electronic Keypad

Having a safe gives you a secure place to stash cash, jewelry, personal paperwork, or firearms, but when it malfunctions, you aren't able to access these items when you need them. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your safe and gain access when you need it. Here are a few pointers you can use to get into your safe when it won't open: Check Your Batteries Read More 

Three Cool Gadgets To Get To Make Your Car Safer At Night In The Parking Lot

If you are the type who has to park at night in large, empty parking lot (perhaps you work in a mall or office complex) and you feel nervous about walking to your car, then you should do something about it. While you might not be able to change where you need to park or change the lighting of the space,  you can always get some gadgets that will improve your sense of safety. Read More 

Tips To Increase Safety And Security When Moving Into A New Apartment

When you first move into a new apartment, you're probably excited to decorate everything just how you like it and really make the place feel like your own. However, while focusing on decor is certainly enjoyable, you should also take a few steps to increase safety and security during these first days in your new place. Here's a look: Change the locks. Sometimes a landlord will change all of the locks when a new tenant moves in. Read More 

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Making My Home Much More Secure

After dealing with a robbery a few years ago, I realized that I had to do something to make my home a lot more secure. We were having trouble sleeping every night because of dealing with the trauma from the event, so I started talking with a few different places that specialized in locks, keys, and safes. It was incredible to get our entire home rekeyed and to add some safes to protect our valuables. This blog is all about making your home safe from individuals who might not have your best interest at heart. Check out this blog for more information.


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