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Four Reasons People Need Newly Cut Keys For Their Property

There are numerous instances when property owners or renters may need to have new keys cut for their premises. The necessity for newly cut keys arises from many different circumstances, of course, all of which underscore the importance most householders place on access control and property security. Read on to find out some of the most common reasons that people need a new key copy fashioned for them by a locksmith today.

Lost Keys

The first and perhaps the most common reason is the loss or theft of a set of existing keys. Misplacing keys or falling victim to theft can be distressing incidents that leave householders locked out of their homes and unable to get in at a time of their choosing. Under such circumstances, procuring a key duplication service would be a necessity for everyone with keys being able to get inside and, therefore, regain their independence without having to return to the property together.

Replaced Locks

Secondly, moving into a new home or office space is another situation where new keys might be required. In the interests of security, it is prudent for the new occupant to replace all of the currently installed. Previous tenants or owners, maintenance staff, realtors, or even construction workers could still be in possession of copies of the old keys. Therefore, having new locks fitted along with additional key duplications for all authorized people may be necessary for everyone to be able to access the property.

Key Issuance

The third reason for a key duplication request involves a scenario where property owners or renters want to grant access to new people. This could be for various purposes, such as giving a family member their own key or providing one to a trusted neighbor in case of emergencies. In an office setting, new employees might need a key copy to be made so they can access the building or lock it up after a shift. In such cases, having additional keys cut is the most sensible approach.

Key Wear

Finally, wear and tear is another factor that necessitates key duplication. Over time, keys can wear down, especially when they are used multiple times a day. In turn, this often makes them less effective at operating the locks they are meant to open. In some instances, a worn key might even break off in the lock, causing a real headache. When keys begin to show signs of wear, it's wise to get a new key duplicated to prevent such problems before they occur.

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