Making My Home Much More Secure

Commercial Locksmith Services for Your Business

A commercial business and/or office often needs a customized security system that will allow only a few people to have access to all areas. A reliable commercial locksmith can work with you to keep your commercial building, business offices, safes, and storage areas, secure as soon as you move into an office or business space.

Before you move in, ask a reliable commercial locksmith to make a site visit and devise the best and safest system for your needs. Here are some ways that a commercial locksmith can help you to keep your business offices secure: 

Office Safe and Lock Box

Your office safe can be a repository for many valuables including a master set of office keys. You can also have a small combination lock box that is separate from your office safe that can contain a master set of office keys including a key to your office safe. If you have a security staff, you can arrange with them to keep an extra set of office keys offsite at their offices. This will give you complete access to your business office in case of an emergency of any kind. 

Outside Access Doors

You may need to have all of your outside access doors configured so that only you and one or two other employees can unlock these doors. This will require your commercial locksmith to install pin and tumbler locks on these outside access doors with keys that cannot be duplicated. If desired, all outside access doors can be accessed by a master key.

You can also install a system that requires both keys and an electronic locking system for greater security. Your commercial locksmith can install and maintain this system and synchronize it with an alarm system and/or security personnel. 

Interior Office Doors

You many want to have all interior office doors installed with different locks and keys to allow some employees to have private offices that no one else can access. These office keys can be marked and duplicated and stored in your office safe or lock box. It is advisable to have a master key for these offices in case of an emergency. 

Mailboxes and File Cabinets

If you have a large commercial business, your individual employees may need to have their own lockable mailboxes and file cabinets. These mailboxes and file cabinets can all be accessed by different keys and with or without a master key, as needed. Your commercial locksmith can maintain, repair, and/or replace these lock and key systems as needed. 

Stock and Merchandise Storage Areas

If you have stock or merchandise that you would like to keep secure, you can dedicate lockable storage areas for that purpose. Locks and keys can be installed in different sections to limit access to only certain employees. Consult with your commercial locksmith to install custom locks for this your stock and merchandise areas. 

Work with services like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc to devise and install a security system for your business and/or office that protects all of your commercial assets. If you have been in your business offices for a while, consult with a commercial locksmith to see if you can upgrade your system to include the latest security technology. You can rest assured when you know that your business location is safe and secure. 

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