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Organizing Your Jewelry Safe: Four Helpful Tips

A jewelry safe with a lock offers a way to securely store your heirlooms and fine jewelry pieces. Keeping the safe neatly organized will help you to find the items you want as you get dressed each day, and it can also help to make it easy to remove the items in the event of an emergency. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your jewelry safe organized.

Group Sets Together

While you may be tempted to keep each item organized by type, keeping groups of jewelry together will make it easier to find the pieces you want to wear together. For example, if you have a pearl necklace and earring set, keep it stored together for easy access. Pieces that don't match any particular items in your jewelry inventory can be stored with similar items, such as keeping bracelets stored in one drawer and earrings in another.

Have A Compartment For Damaged Items

No matter how careful you are with your jewelry, pieces can get damaged over time. Dedicate one compartment in your safe to items that are damaged, missing stones, or missing pieces. Go through this compartment every so often to have the items repaired or sold for scrap.

Keep An Inventory

Keeping an inventory of your pieces is helpful for a number of reasons. It can assist the police and your insurance company in the event of a robbery, and it can help you to determine what you have in your safe at any given time. Consider creating an inventory for each drawer in the safe, and then create a master copy of all your items. Keep the inventory stored somewhere else in the home, as leaving it in the safe might result in having the list stolen if a thief manages to open your jewelry safe.

Use Protective Jewelry Bags

Protective jewelry bags can keep your pieces free from dirt and dust, and they can prevent fragile pieces from touching each other inside the safe. As an added benefit, these bags are highly portable, so they can be quickly removed in the event of an emergency. Look for roll-up bags with multiple compartments. The bags can be stored flat in the safe to help keep the pieces easy to see, but they can be rolled up effortlessly whenever you need to remove the bags from your safe.

If you don't already have a jewelry safe and you want to keep your jewelry collection secure, talk to a locksmith like Brandy's Safe and Lock Inc. about having a jewelry safe installed in your 

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