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Three Techniques To Prevent Your Car's Locks From Seizing

It's one thing to lock your keys in your car and have to call a 24-hour locksmith, such as Mattice Lock & Safe, but another thing altogether to neglect your vehicle's locks to the point that you can no longer use them. While a visit from your local automotive locksmith will fix the problem, it's highly advantageous to be proactive and take some steps to prevent your locks from seizing. Numerous elements can make it impossible to unlock your car door with your key, but the following techniques will help you to avoid such issues in the future — thus reducing the risk of getting stranded.

Look At The Exterior Of The Lock Before Use

A car door lock has a number of fine elements inside it, which means that you don't want to introduce anything other than the key. If you've just driven through a muddy area — perhaps you traveled on a dirt road after a rainfall or even did some off-roading — there may be a considerable amount of dirt on the exterior of your vehicle. If you simply push the key into the lock, any dirt on the exterior of the lock will get driven inside it. Over time, this may cause the lock to seize. You can avoid this problem by simply checking the condition of the lock before using it and wiping it off if needed.

Lubricate The Lock Regularly

If you find that your car key has a tough time sliding into the lock or turning once it's in place, the lock likely needs to be lubricated. Fortunately, the process of doing so is simple. All you'll need is a can of general household lubricant, but make sure that it comes with a fine straw that will allow you to control the spray. Affix the straw to the bottle, stick the tip of the straw into the lock, and give it a small spray. Insert the key a few times and turn it; if the key turns easily, the job is done. Otherwise, repeat the process. Wipe the area below the lock with a rag, too, as some lubricant may spill out.

Remove The Ice In The Winter

If you live in a cold climate, ice can enter the car lock and freeze, resulting in you getting locked out of your vehicle. The simple solution is to buy a small bottle of lock deicer and keep it with you — not inside your car. When you encounter a frozen lock, a couple sprays of the deicer solution into the lock, followed by waiting a moment for the solution to melt the ice, should be enough to allow you to use the lock again.

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