Making My Home Much More Secure

Security Tips For Your Business

Keeping a business's equipment, cash reserves and products safe will be immensely important for your enterprise's profitability and security. While this is an important aspect of managing a company, you may not be aware of some steps that can be used to enhance your company's safety and security.

Change The Locks When Employees Leave Your Company

While you may have a close relationship with your employees, it is a reality that turnover will eventually happen. Sadly, this may not always end on cordial terms. In order to keep your business safe from theft and retribution from disgruntled former employees, you should have the locks to your enterprise changed or rekeyed after the dismissal of a worker. Some business leaders will want to avoid the expenses associated with changing or rekeying their locks, and this can lead them to assume that simply requesting the key back from the employee will be sufficient. Yet, it can be a simple task to copy a key, which can make it impossible for you to know whether there were any unauthorized copies made.

Know The Warning Signs Of Lock Failure

Locks that have suffered extensive mechanical wear and tear can be prone to developing performance issues and malfunctions that can prevent the lock from effectively securing the door. Often, these issues will begin as seemingly benign issues, such as the lock sticking or making sounds. By neglecting to have locks that are exhibiting abnormal behavior serviced, you may make it easier for individuals to gain access to your building. In many instances, these issues can be repaired by simply lubricating, tuning or cleaning the lock's internal components. When the source of these problems is due to structural or mechanical damage to the lock, replacing it will likely be the more reliable and cost-effective solution.

Ensure Any Doors With Windows Have Shatter Resistant Glass

Windows in a business's exterior doors is a common feature that can make the building more inviting to customers. Yet, these windows can present a substantial security risk if the lock is located near them. This is due to the ability of a criminal to break the glass to gain access to the lock. For this reason, you should ensure that the windows in your doors are made of a glass that will be able to withstand strong impacts without shattering. While replacing the windows in your doors may seem like a major task, this is one of the more commonly used methods to gain unauthorized access to buildings. Therefore, it can be a prudent security measure for you to take.

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