Making My Home Much More Secure

Features Of The Perfect Entry Door

The entry door you choose makes a statement about your design sense, but it also provides critical security to your home. Get both factors right by considering how each of these parts of your entry door will play into the final package.


The material of the door is a design choice and a security choice. Vinyl doors are popular because their appearance can be easily customized, but they are also durable and withstand intruders. Traditional metal doors can also be spruced up with color and weatherproof coatings. Stay away from flimsy materials that are vulnerable to intruders and high winds.


Many door failures actually come from the entire frame lifting away from the home. So, consider a strong frame material and get a professional to secure the frame to your home carefully. Many frames are made of steel or aluminum, which makes it harder to pry the door away from its frame.


The door is useless as a security feature if the lock isn't strong. Always have a locksmith services provider like Locksmith  Services review your lock choices for an entry door. Ideally, you would have at least a knob lock and dead bolt for your entry door. But you could also upgrade to an electronic lock to make the home even safer.

Design Features

It would be impossible to cover all of the relevant design choices for entry doors here, but here are some of the most important ones:

The position of Mail Slots: It would be a bad choice to buy a door that has a mail slot placed in close proximity to a lock or door knob. An intruder might reach their hand or a tool in through the mail slot and attempt to unlock the door. Make sure mail slots are far away from the locks.

The position of Glass: Use glass sparingly in your door design. It's a vulnerable material that could be shattered, allowing a thief to reach around to door knobs. If there is glass in your door, consider its placement. You wouldn't want a door that allows thieves to easily see your locks or valuables within your home.

Spacing: Finally, consider that your spacing needs will differ, depending on which door you choose. The door takes up space on each side of the door frame, plus at least a foot of space for a person to stand. Consider that when you're looking at doors that are larger than average.

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