Making My Home Much More Secure

Tips To Increase Safety And Security When Moving Into A New Apartment

When you first move into a new apartment, you're probably excited to decorate everything just how you like it and really make the place feel like your own. However, while focusing on decor is certainly enjoyable, you should also take a few steps to increase safety and security during these first days in your new place. Here's a look:

Change the locks.

Sometimes a landlord will change all of the locks when a new tenant moves in. However, if they have not already done this, it's a good idea for you to do it yourself. You do not know if any previous tenants still have keys to the place, or if they gave keys to any of their friends who may not be as honest as you'd hope. 

Changing an exterior lock is not terribly difficult if you are good with a screwdriver. You basically have to remove the old door handle and deadbolt and then put a new one in its place. However, you can hire a locksmith to come do this for you if that makes you more comfortable. Make sure you give your landlord a copy of the keys when you're done.

Make sure the window treatments actually offer privacy.

You certainly don't want anyone and everyone staring into your apartment as they walk by. If your apartment did not come with window treatments, visit a local store and buy some blinds or drapes. Make sure they are thick enough to obscure the view into your place.

If your apartment did come with blinds or other window treatments, put them all down and then go outside. Check whether you can see into the apartment with the treatments in place. If you can, then you may want to invest in new treatments or put an extra layer of curtains in front of them for added security.

Check the exterior lights.

When you arrive home late at night, you want to make sure the area outside your apartment is well lit. Not only will this help prevent you from slipping and falling, but it will also deter others from bothering you. Venture outside just after dark to assess the lighting situation. If the lighting is not sufficient, ask your landlord if they can install a brighter light, or see if he or she would mind if you put up a few solar lights, which collect sunlight during the day and convert it to electricity to power the lights at night.

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