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Three Cool Gadgets To Get To Make Your Car Safer At Night In The Parking Lot

If you are the type who has to park at night in large, empty parking lot (perhaps you work in a mall or office complex) and you feel nervous about walking to your car, then you should do something about it. While you might not be able to change where you need to park or change the lighting of the space,  you can always get some gadgets that will improve your sense of safety. These can satisfy your sense of nervousness. Here are three things to consider.

A Remote Car Starter With Alarm

The first thing you need to do is get a remote car starter. This will let you start your car from a distance. You can turn the car's lights on and get the engine revved up. The ability to turn on the lights is a big thing. It will illuminate the space around your car, reducing the chance that someone will want to crouch and hide by and waylay you. Not only that, but the ability to quickly open the car door is vital. You don't want to waste time fumbling with your car keys in an isolated parking space. What you want to do is make sure that you can walk over, immediately open the doors, and get out. Also, don't forget to make sure that the remote stater also has an alarm feature so that should you need to, you can set off the alarm and signal for help.

Motion Activated Alarm System

In addition to you remote car starter, you also want a motion-activated alarm. This is great because it will not only protect your car from break-ins, it can also save your life. It will prevent someone from trying to sneak into the backseat and hide, waiting for you. As soon as someone makes contact with the car, the alarm will go off. And thieves and other criminals don't want this attention, so they will leave.

Car Keys Finder App For Your Smartphone

Lastly, you should get a Blu-tooth compatible dongle and attach it to your keychain. This will let you find your keys and remove starter should you drop them. You never want to have to waste time in an empty parking lot late at night and spend time searching for your keys. These dongles will let you find the keychain with your smartphone. It's also good if you are the type of person who is constantly losing their keys at work or at home.

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