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Troubleshooting Your Safe's Electronic Keypad

Having a safe gives you a secure place to stash cash, jewelry, personal paperwork, or firearms, but when it malfunctions, you aren't able to access these items when you need them. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your safe and gain access when you need it. Here are a few pointers you can use to get into your safe when it won't open:

Check Your Batteries

For safes with combination keypads, you may find that the answer is as simple as replacing your batteries. When the batteries are low, some safes have a flashing light that will indicate the battery level. However, not all feature this option. Before calling a locksmith or attempting to perform other repairs, change the batteries. It's also a good idea to leave a sticky note with the date the batteries were changed on the safe, as this can also help you to remember when to change them again.

Reset Your Combination

If you've entered the wrong password several times, it is possible that you locked yourself out of the safe. You can get around this by following the manufacturer's instructions to reset the passcode. Some safe manufacturers also have a phone number you can call for assistance as you reset the code. Be sure to write down the new code, but don't keep it near the safe. This will help to prevent the passcode from falling into the wrong hands. It's also a good idea to change the safe combination from time to time for an added measure of safety.

Listen To The Beeps

In some cases, your safe will tell you what's wrong if you listen. Keypads with beeps and flashing lights often have several different codes that are used to tell you what is malfunctioning. Study your user's manual before you troubleshoot the safe, as it may tell you when the batteries are low, when they are dead, or when you have entered in the wrong passcode.

Call A Locksmith

If you aren't able to get the safe open with these troubleshooting tips, you can call your locksmith for assistance. He or she can determine if there is a problem with the keypad, or if there is another issue preventing the safe from being opened. You can also have the locksmith perform regular maintenance to prevent problems from occurring with your safe. With regular cleanings and maintenance, your safe can deliver years of use in your home.

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