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Tips To Keep Your College Student Safe When They Live Off-Campus

One of the greatest achievements of families is watching their loved ones head off to college. But many parents worry about the safety of their youngest family members because they can no longer protect or look out for them. Your concerns may be worse if your loved one lives in an off-campus house. If you face this dilemma and worry about your college student, take steps to keep them safe and comforted with the right tips and ideas:

What's a "Lock Your Door" Program?

Many colleges across the United States are encouraging their students to lock their dorm room doors at all times, even when they're inside the room. However, students who don't live on campus grounds may not be as safe as students who live on campus. Because of this, it's important that you speak to them about staying safe

Before your loved one leaves for college, provide them with a list of contact numbers to call in case of an emergency. The list should include every family member's phone number that your loved one or the school can call when needed. Instruct your college student to keep a copy of the numbers in their wallet, purse, dorm room, and backpack. 

If possible, have an officer of the law discuss the importance of staying safe on and off college grounds, including when and how to report a crime. Some students can experience fear if they encounter a criminal act. 

After you complete the tips above, protect your loved one's residence. 

How Can You Keep Your Loved One's Residence Safe?

If your college student shares a house with another individual, try to reach out the student's parents. The other parents may have the same concerns as your family does. Some families may be willing to establish a buddy system for their college students. Your loved one can keep track of when their roommate leaves for classes or other activities, and vice versa.

Also, consider placing locks on your loved one's doors and windows. The locks can be a smart system lock or traditional lock. Each roommate should have access to the lock and how to disable it when needed. Be sure to clear the locking system with the roommate's parents. The parents may be able to help with the decision.

If you'd like to learn more about keeping your loved one safe while away at college, contact a locksmith company like First Quality Lock & Key for assistance.

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