Making My Home Much More Secure

Did Someone Steal Your Keys With Your Car And House Key On It? Find A 24 Hour Locksmith Fast

If you are in a situation where someone stole your keys so you can't use your vehicle, and those keys also are needed to get into your house, there are some things you can do. You need to first find an auto locksmith to get a replacement key for your vehicle.

Getting access to your vehicle and making sure your house is safe are the most important. Do the following so you can try to start resuming your normal life right away.

Car Key Replacement 

If you know that they still have a key to your vehicle, and they aren't going to give the keys back to you, have the keys replaced. You can have a professional auto locksmith do the following:

  • Get into the locked vehicle
  • Make a mold of the ignition
  • Create a new key from the mold

This will be the fastest way to get a new key if you have an older car. If you don't want to leave the car where it's parked, have it towed. You will need to prove ownership of the vehicle to have this all done. If your title, registration, and insurance are inside the vehicle, call your auto insurance company. They should be able to provide a copy, or a digital file, that shows your vehicle license plate information.

House Locks Changed

Have all the house locks changed by a locksmith. Since you may have given them a key and know that they have access to the house because they have the keys on the key ring, you want to make your house safe. If the person who has the keys shows up, they will be surprised to find out the stolen one no longer gets them into the property. You also may want to get cameras installed by the door if you don't already have them.

You may even want to go down to the police station and file a report that the keys were stolen on purpose. This way, if there is any damage to your home or vehicle before you can get the locks changed, or a new key made, there is a documented statement showing that someone had access.

Work fast and find a local locksmith that offers car key replacement if you need to. Time will be important if you think they want to steal your car or get into your house with the keys.

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